About Our School

62 Purvis Oloh Road Purvis, MS 39475-5330


Lamar Christian School

The Lamar Christian School is unique in that it is “uniquely” and “identifiably” Christian.  What qualifies a school to be identified as a Christian School differs among those in leadership positions; however, the Lamar Christian School leadership via the leadership of the Lord feels very strongly about the following criteria which are definite characteristics of the school:


1.  The school uses Christian School Curriculum throughout its system where Christian materials are printed.  Grades K4 – 6 is 100% A Beka print while grade 7 – 12 uses a combination of A Beka, Bob Jones University, Association of Christian Schools International, Life Ways materials, and in the secular area Glenco Publications.  The percentage of Christian material in grades 7 – 12 is approximately 90%.


2.        The faculty prays together under the leadership of one of the administrators or a teacher each and every morning prior to the arrival of the students.


3.        Bible classes are required of every student (K4 – 12) each and every day.


4.        Weekly Chapel services (not assemblies) that are identified as “worship services” that include the singing of hymns and the “breaking of the bread of life” (messages from the scripture) are the essence of Chapel.


5.        The entire staff including teachers, aids, office staff, lunchroom staff, custodians, and administrators must give testimonies relative to their “born-again-experience” prior to being hired.  That is, the entire staff must have a close relationship with the Lord and be an active Christian church member.


6.        Next to the teaching of God’s Word and the academic curriculum relative to priority status of extra-curricular activity is music.  Music (instrumental & vocal) is our greatest means of Worship and Praise.  The Lamar Christian School administration intends to invest the best effort, time, equipment, and personnel in all extra-curricular activities but music must excel in that this area gets priority scheduling plus other beneficial considerations.


7.        The Lamar Christian School is a “uniformed” organization.  It is difficult to equate the wearing of uniforms to one’s Christian Testimony until “dress code” is taken into consideration.  The modesty of dress is in keeping with the scripture.


8.        Every student from grade 3 – 12 is issued a copy of God’s Word that is the King James Version in A Beka print.  This is not to discredit other translations but a definite plus relative to the majority of the parents/guardians of the children.  Having the identical Bible in these grades also makes Bible Study and Chapel flow very smoothly.